CITC responsibilities include keeping pace with the rapid international developments in the field of telecommunications, and making any necessary regulatory changes to maintain a competitive environment in this sector while continuing to encourage new investment.
Internet service were officially made available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in 1997. Internet has become an integral part of the Saudi Society and Economy. In 2007, CITC initiated a project to understand the Internet status and potential growth within the Kingdom. In order to monitor and evaluate the progress of the computer and internet penetration and usage in the Kingdom, CITC has undertaken a country wide survey based study.
This report is based on field surveys, which produced a total of more than 10,000 interviews each year from 2007 till 2009 and across a number of market segments. The survey data was gathered primarily from personal face-to-face interviews across all the segments. Various sampling procedures were applied depending on the nature of each survey from stratified random sampling to quota sampling, so that the demographics would reflect the population targeted by each survey.
The study evaluates the current situation of Computer and Internet Usage in Saudi Arabia and it aims to identify the penetration levels, habits and usage patterns and the future potential of the Internet in Saudi Arabia. It covers a wide range of information areas from infrastructure to satisfaction. The study covers five different types of users: individual users, government agencies, educational institutions, health institutions and businesses. The research was such designed to ensure national representation. The results are published in consecutive annual reports which was published for three years.