The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has renewed its call to the public for their input on its Digital Content Planforms Regulation draft document. After completing its research and analysis in the first public consultation round to solicit feedback, CITC has added the analysis results to an updated version of the draft document.

Through this request, the Commission seeks to raise the level of regulatory maturity for digital content platforms through a clear and transparent regulatory framework, taking into account the interest of stakeholders and users.

The document is part of CITC’s initiative to develop its licensing mechanism for Digital Content Platforms in coordination with the General Commission for Audiovisual Media and other relevant authorities. It aims to create a regulatory framework for digital content platforms in line with international practices and support its development.

The Commission also seeks to encourage the expansion and growth of media, support entrepreneurs, attract investment and protect users..
The Commission urges relevant authorities, investors, local and international entrepreneurs, and the general public to submit their feedback and proposals by March 24, 2022, via:
  • The public consolation platform “istitlaa” https://istitlaa.ncc.gov.sa
  •  Email to: DCP_REG@citc.gov.sa
  • CITC Regulations platform 

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  • Publish Date:
  • 07/03/2022
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  • 4/8/1443