SMS​​ Fraud

Before opening any links received in SMSs, check their source and make sure they are trustworthy by looking for: ​

A name of an unknown sender or sender name that resembles the name of a postal company 

A spam link not related to a real shipping comp​any

​ ​


Types of Fraud

Fake job offers

A message saying that the ATM card is blocked

Data update requests

Marketing investment in investment portfolios

Messages claiming that you have won an in-kind prize

A Call for trade in Forex market​​

What do scammers seek?

Money theft, data theft, threat and extortion​ ​


How to stay safe:

Do not reply to any fraud message

Do not visit any suspicious links

Not to disclose any personal data to untrustworthy persons​

How to report scam SMS:

Forward the text message to 330330

*The service is free for operators’ subscribers ​